Aztec Warrior

Geometric shapes, feathers, tassels-what you’ll see. Bags, tops, nails, skirts, swimming costumes, scarves, jewellery, leggings, dresses-where you’ll see it.

Its a trend that has boomed in the last six to eight months and is seems absolutely everywhere from the runway to Zara to cheap, everyday stores.

I could go on forever with the aztec vibe…with millions of pictures but i’ll try not to. Here are a couple of amazing aztec things.

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Fair Play

The Fair Isle print has been around for a VERY long time, in fact, it was apparently quite popular around WWI…So that’s kind of almost 100 years. Anyway, it seems to be back in fashion and is trendy in the colder seasons.

In 2010 Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall runway collection was full of Fair Isle, on anything including hot-pants (rather contradictory I’d say) but it definitely sparked a trend and even though its not as “in” as it was 2 years ago, its still looking pretty hot.




Some everyday Fair Isle

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And I stumbled upon another interesting site with an article all about Fair Isle!

Mad for Plaid

Lets dedicate today’s post to men’s fashion. Checks constantly come in and out of fashion, so if you have something plaid don’t bother chucking it out once the trend fades out because it will definitely be back. These days you can put just about anything on a tie, be it a Picasso print or skeletons but you can never go wrong with good old checks…and plaid ties are back in. In bright colours.

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Black Out

When in doubt, choose black-it’s always there for you. It makes you look slimmer, smarter and can be worn for just about any occasion. And wearing all black can look sexy as hell, but where do we draw the line between sexy and just gothic – there is such thing as too much as a good thing.

Some not-so-scary all black ideas


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Style Icons

Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively would have to be my – living – style icons.

Olivia’s style is chic and classy yet casual and versatile. She is definitely one of the best dressed celebs, never mind her gorgeous, just as stylish boyfriend.


Blake Lively spends most of her life in ridiculously expensive clothes on the set of Gossip Girl, but when she’s not on set she’s casual but still so stylish.


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